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Why card verification is needed

Dear customer, the number of fraudsters on the Internet is growing every day.
In order to eliminate fraudulent activities and our own security, we are forced to use the verification system of your bank card.

The only reason to check this procedure that you really are the holder of this bank card and at the given time it is the card holder who is going to make the exchange transaction on our website, agreeing to the exchange rules and information windows.

Each new bank card requires uetsya check once again undergo verification process for this card do not need

How to pass the test card

The procedure is simple:.?

1. Take a picture of the map against the background of the open tab of our website so that the number of the application you created is visible.
2. The photo should also be clearly visible: the first 4 digits and the last 4 digits of the card number, if your card is personalized, the name must also be clearly visible.

You can close all other data in the photo. < br />
After you upload the card to the site, it will take about a minute to check it.

In no case do not disclose the data on the back of the card, do not send a photo the reverse side of the card will only need what was indicated above.

If for any reason the verification of the card was rejected, you will receive a notification with the reasons oh refusal.

You will need to take a new photo and take into account all the recommendations of the site, and then upload it again.

We hope for your understanding! Profitable exchanges!